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Matopeda the Team

Fashion Assistant

Blessing is my Fashion Assistant. She joined my team 5 years ago and has shadowed me and is now fully trained. She takes on 50% of our client set-ups. I love to work with people who are equally as passionate as me, and I will help anyone get to where they want if we share the same drive and determination and that is the case with Blessing.


My team of tailors will bring your dress to life. Each stitch on your dress is made with love. The patterns used are custom made for you. All of our wedding dresses have an inbuilt corset so that you do not have to wear a bra (whatever your size) to ensure your comfort. The level of mastery and behind the scenes work from my tailors comes with years of training and experience.


My beader is all about the tiny details. Firstly, to add the custom fabric onto the bodice to create the dress and then to adorn it with beads, stones, crystals and lace according to the original design. Every single bead and sequin is hand-sewn to ensure it is secure, we don’t want any unnecessary stress added to your special day. You can be confident that every single aspect of your dress is being taken care of with intricate detail and care by my beader.

Quality Controller

Quality control is one of the most vital parts of the Matopeda experience. Since 80% of our clients are based abroad this is more important than ever. My Quality Controller will make sure each stone is in the right place, lace is placed correctly and matches our client’s skin tone and the length of the dress and the sleeves are all checked. Finally it is all carefully wrapped, packed and shipped.


We are a close knit unit and thrive on teamwork. We work closely together, helping each other always with the focus on our clients’ happiness.

Front of House Consultant at the Studio

At Matopeda Atelier, our pre-designed, ready to wear collection is ready for you. Here you will meet Grace, my Front of House Consultant who is your first point of contact. Find out more about our pre-designed gowns here.

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